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Onto stage 2 of my UMC Poison. Started off Johto on Crystal version.

- Chose Totodile for starter
- When possible, caught Spinarak for my first Poison type
- Caught a Zubat, cause he randomly appeared
- Since I'd set the clock to night time, caught 2 Ghastly's, named Casper II and Spooks
- Grinded up both in Sprout Tower (against their fellow Ghastly) until both learned curse
- Defeated Falkner! Fairly simple with Curse+Hypnosis

Got through Union Cave, boxing Totodile, Spinarak and Zubat since I like a streamlined team.
- Defeated Rockets fairly easily
- Defeated Gym with ease, only moves to affect me in the whole episode were Poison Sting and Fury Cutter

Got through Ilex Forest, taught HM (Totodile) Cut, also withdrew Spinarak to help defeat the Normal Type pokemon just after Ilex Forest
- Defeated trainers in the Underground
- Realised that Nidoran male is only able to be caught during the day, so decided to stop.

Until next time folks! Here's the current team

Casper II
lvl 23
Night Shade

lvl 22
Mean Look
Night Shade
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