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Originally Posted by LaVida View Post
I imagine that it must have been really awkward when your mother asked what her name was you were (in her mind) wearing makeup for, especially at a doctor's office. What did you tell her then?

Since you came out, has your mother been acting differently toward you? (Sorry, I don't know your story and if you don't feel like replying, it's fine too)
Naw it's okay.

My mom sort of found out by being a snoop and looking through some emails between a friend and I a few years ago, in which I talked about some heavy stuff, including coming out and that I was atheist. My mom has basically been in denial about the fact that I was interested in women too, and was more pissed about the atheist thing. Since then we've had huge arguments about religion and cried and everything. About being lesbian? Nothing. So her even mentioning that even in passing was a huge moment where I sort of had a brain fail. I just told her the truth, that zit zilla had attacked and I was covering it up. Besides, I was just wearing a little concealer, nothing big, so I'm not even sure how my mom noticed, or even cared.

Nothing has changed otherwise though.