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Current Mission

The ball continued on for an hour or so after Nova's speech, allowing the attendee's to discuss what had been said with each other. Liberta and Luca still occupied the area at the start of the stairs, discussing the important matters of the family and keeping an eye on how everyone was responding to the news that had been broken to them. The initial shock and surprise of Nova's news had seemed to die down a little as the attendee's mingling continued, allowing Liberta to feel a bit more at ease after worrying the entire night; about the reactions to Nova's speech and any possible threats on Nova's well being. However, a full week of constantly worrying had began to take its tool of Liberta's energy. Luca was also tired as it had been a long day making sure everything was in order for the ball and all of Lady Felicita's needs had been fulfilled or attended to.

As the night of the ball drew closer to an end, the guests began gathering at the back of the ballroom making their last goodbyes before departing for their homes. “Did they organise fireworks for this as well?” A guest asked out loud, causing the majority of the ball to look out the windows and doors to see the dark night sky light up with an ominous orange light. A dull chanting began to emerge in the distance, accompanying the increase in orange in the nights sky. Taking an interest in the developing scene Liberta and Luca made their ways towards the door, getting to the edge of the crowd as the alarms began to sound. Everyone in the town and at the ball knew what the sounds of these alarms represented; The town is under attack, evacuate. The guards began having trouble suppressing the panic and terror that had taken hold of the balls attendants, with people trying to force their way out of any exit possible, not thinking about what was truly happening. The chanting was becoming louder as it grew closer, with screams being faintly heard every now and then, spurring the balls guests panic on. Looking at Luca, whom was trying to calm down the guests, Liberta had had enough, with the nod of Luca urging him on.

“That's enough! STOP!” Liberta beckoned, his arcana mark lighting up and glowing fiercely on his forehead. The entity of the crowd stopped moving, slowly turning to see a frustrated Liberta standing there behind them. “You people need to calm down, yes we are under attack but running around won't do any good, I'd like all civilians to follow the guards to the emergency escape boats, which are located on the east shore, away from the town and hopefully free of most of the attackers. Any member of the Swords or Cardholders should either help the guards with the evacuation or help any survivors of the town make their way to the escape boats.” Taking in a deep breathe while looking at the group of panicked people in front of him, he continued. “Luca and I will personally escort Nova and Felicita to safety. There is a good chance this attack is related to the announcements earlier today so we cannot risk staging our own assult against this army. Be very careful... Deadly force is permitted to ensure the safety of the civilians as well as your own well being. I wish you all the best of luck.” Finishing his speech and relaying his orders, he left up the stairs quickly with Luca, the two making their way to Nova's room as the balls guests began leaving in a more ordered fashion with most people heading towards the escape boats.

In town, Moreno's soldiers were leaving their mark, killing anyone in their way as well as burning down anything that would catch fire. The fiery hell engulfed everything it came across, chasing the fleeing townspeople like a greyhound after a rabbit. The controlled soldiers of Moreno continued their monotone chant, wishing death upon the land and anyone who sided with the Arcana Familgia. The frightened townspeople mostly made their way towards the Familgia's main mansion, finding guides in way of guards and family members whom lead them towards the escape boats while protecting them from the soldiers constant attack. The unlucky ones were meeting a much graver end within the town at the hands of the soldiers and flames that followed them. Screams rang out throughout, the poor souls who had been trapped and seeking assistance added to the image of hell that was clearly taking shape in the once scenic and peaceful town.

Escorting Nova and Felicita out had so far been fairly trouble-free for Liberta and Luca, who had yet to come across any of Moreno's men, though they weren't too hopeful at this easy passage continuing. The four higher ups of the Familgia had been travelling towards a secret dock that only a few people knew of, where they awaited a boat to house them and protect them as they escaped from the island. Nearing the docking they began to hear a low murmur, the same chanting from earlier.. Moreno's soldiers. With no time to spare, Liberta and Luca tore through any who stood in the way of Nova and Felicita. More and more Soldiers continued to poor into the supposedly secret dock as they neared the boat, blocking their way. One final push was all it took for Luca and Liberta to clear a path for Nova and Felicita to hurry along. While Luca held back the unrelenting wave of soldiers, Liberta helped Felicita and Nova stumble onto the escape boat, Nova falling from exhaustion after stepping on. “Come on Luca, it's time for us to leave!” Liberta called out, kicking away a brainless soldier whom had jumped onto the boat.
“Sorry Liberta, I think this is my stop.” A fairly relaxed Luca replied, smiling. “You were all great friends, I wish you luck until we meet again.” He had a surprising content look on his face as he pushed the boat of the dock, cutting the ties before changing back into the fray of soldiers, not allowing any the chance to jump at the boat.
“LUCA!” A defeated Liberta called out as the boat began to drive away, Felicita at the helm.

The island was aflame as the trio floated offshore, Liberta now at the helm steering them towards their next destination, their new headquarters. Tears were rolling down Nova's face as he looked towards the island, his arcana dimming the slightest amount. “You were a great man and a great friend Luca, I'll be seeing you again soon.” He said aloud, holding his composure enough to comfort Felicita as she stumbled into his arms and began crying. The tears fell down Liberta's face too as he silently bid farewell to his close friend and brother in arms.

  1. Flee the island
  2. Regroup with the other characters
  3. Help escort out the civilians to the escape boats from the ball or from the town.
  4. Explore the surroundings to find refuge
  5. Begin planning survival and retaliation

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