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Kilik Chambers - Mountains->Infirmary

Draco was off on Killita. That leaves Kilik & Mana to ride off on Draco's Zeal. Time was awasten'. Kilik took the time to return Tentou & Ganta back into their Pokeballs, & as soon as Mana got on Zeal, they were off. Things were quiet in the air. Mana didn't say much, Kilik wasn't aware whether Mana enjoyed the wind or not. All Kilik knew was that he could feel the wind, the breeze flowing so majestically.

Kilik focused ahead of him, looking straight at where Zeal was going. Things were really quiet, but that didn't matter. Kilik wanted to ask Mana something about her strangeness, but decided to hold it back for now. He can wait. When Zeal landed near the infirmary, Kilik hopped off & waited for Mana to come down as well. He was gonna see Valorie, meet up with Draco, & ask Mana that question. Then, where would he go then? The cafeteria was already starting with Thanksgiving. There was no point going there, really. His parents aren't here, he has no siblings. He didn't know whether or not Jasmine, Olivine Gym Leader, was here or not.

For now, let's focus on the now.

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