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Damnit! Flash again. Able was going to just get more angry but there was a way to work around this! Mark already had a move that would break through this tactic! If Able would just listen... Able was getting irritated the more she kept missing. Attacking blindly like this wasn't going to do the job but Able wasn't quitting.

"Able listen to me! We can work around this tactic! Just use Mind-"

Able quickly flew over to Mark and used screech. His ears had already been pierced enough from the morning but she still refused to listen! Using Mind Reader and another slash would surely do a good number on Adrian! Ninjask weren't that durable, even if they were a higher level! Able was acting like a little child.

"Able! Would you stop an-" She screeched again, more angrily then before. Mark was getting fed up at this point. He was sick of being thrown around by this bug.

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