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Originally Posted by PokéZoom View Post
Proving America needs gun control.
Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I would laugh at how unaware this fool is of what he's just done to hurt his own position, but I know there are hundreds, thousands, and probably millions of similar fools in America who wouldn't get the irony and who also probably have guns themselves so I'm really worried more than anything that we have such a gun problem something like this can be said in the first place.
Get off the internet, all of you. Say some murderer came up to you with a gun. If you don't have a gun yourself to defend with, you are automatically a dead man. Even if guns were banned in America, they can still get them elsewhere; if guns are banned in every country on the planet, they make their own. There's no stopping criminals unless you fight back yourself; these guys get clever and if you can't defend yourself, you're dead.
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