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    For me the fifth generation wasn't like the previous generations. It tried to exclude the old Pokémon (no new evolutions for the old ones and you must finish the game before you can trade with them). It's more like a "Best-Of" or a restart of Pokémon:
    There're so many similarities between Gen I and V! It's not just about the visual similarity but also the role in the game. Like these Pokémon who have the same number of evolutionary stages:
    (Based on rodents, most frequently Normal-Pokémon)
    (Based on pigeons, most frequently Flying-Pokémon)
    (Based on cats)
    (Based on tapirs, same type)
    (Zebras belong to the genus of horses)
    (Same type)
    (Based on bats, same type)
    (Based on moles, same type)
    (Helper in Pokémon-Center, same type, similar appearance)
    (Same type, similar appearance)
    (Baes on tadpoles and frogs, same type)
    (The Fighting-Type rivals)
    (Same type, similar appearance)
    (Same type, created from industrial waste)
    (First stage based on ducks, same type)
    (Based on machines, same type)
    (Based on ghosts, same type)
    (Based on cattle, same type)
    (Based on moths, same type)
    (Based on a PokéBall)
    (Same type, rare "rivals")
    (Similar appearance)
    (Slightly similar)
    (The number of stages doesn't match but they have similar names and appearances)

    Similarities of Gen II and V:
    (Slightly similar)
    (Slightly similar)
    (Slightly similar)
    (Similar appearance)
    (Slightly similar, legendary)
    For me the second, third and the fourth generation add something to the Pokémon universe and Arceus was like a completion. But in my eyes the fifth generation try to start at the beginning. It's not about which generation do you or I prefer.
    Do you think Gen I, II, III and IV form an unit and Gen V plus VI form another one? Or do you think they all belong together?

    Thank you for your answers!
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