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    So what did you think about Kanto in HG/SS?

    I thought it was pretty cool actually, improved graphics/music is always a nice touch :D

    Was it fun?

    It was okay, I wouldn't say it was my favorite section, tbh ever since GSC Kanto has always felt like one giant grind to beat Red, JMO tho.

    Did it last as long as you'd expect?

    Its pretty much how I remembered it from GSC, so I'd say no? (but not in a negative way)

    What surprised you in Kanto?

    Pretty much what the above posters had said - walking around with my Pokemon reminded me a lot of yellow, they should've had it in Gen V also and it doesn't look like it'll return form Gen VI, which is a shame . Seeing the region with improved graphics was also a nice surprise.

    Did you like Johto better?

    I have always preferred Johto over Kanto anyway, so yes

    What did you like/dislike about Kanto?

    Just the improved graphics tbh. I'd say that the battles could've been more of a challenge though and perhaps a bit more story could've been added for the Kanto half.

    Important for 99.99% of these questions, is why? xD
    Or maybe Johto was what you disliked/liked? If so, you could answer the questions and replace Kanto with Johto.
    Any other stuff?

    As much as I like Kanto, I was never that much of a fan of that section in GSC anyway, I think purely because it lacks a strong story arch - its just pretty much explore, get the other 8 badges and grind for Red, aesthetically though I can't fault it. The game itself is one of my favorites anyway, esp with the changes to the story-line :D
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