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    James “Jay” Rybak

    Orange spoke up, Well, there's no way we can replace your childhood friends, but we're here for you. I mean, I've already known you for a few hours, and I feel like you're a really great friend. I mean, just, arrgh... Well, anyway, I'm here for you Jay."

    I felt a slight smile forming on my face after hearing what Orange had to say. Even though Orange tried to reassure me, I still felt that pain within my chest. The pain of losing my dear friends, and the pain of a heart-broken heart knowing that I will never bring them back again was overwhelming. I felt like as if I was rotting on the inside. My head dropped a bit. Tears were still dripping from my eyelids. I can’t help, but to let my tears flow with my barely audible sniffles with some of the salty tears running over my mouth.

    The voice of Evie flowed towards me, “You’re brave. You know that right. So much more than I. Really. Your friends knew how to pick their company well.”

    I shifted my head to see Evie with a quaint smile. I silently chuckled at myself within my mind, somewhat amused at the thought that I was brave. I’m just a coward, a stupid coward who is afraid of “his own shadow”. A coward who can’t even save his friends. An idiot who is a crybaby. Heck, I can’t even get over the deaths of them. I’m a failure who doesn’t have a future and has barely any courage.

    I was once again fetched from getting too deep into my thoughts by Evie as she handed a worn tissue, splattered with small blotches of paint, to me, So you mustn’t cry, I am sure they wouldn’t want that.”

    I took the tissue to wipe the water from my softened face. My eyes scanned the other two adolescents to see worry within their eyes. I felt an aura of trust around them. I no longer felt too shy around them. With my gentle voice, nearly a whisper, I spoke,”T-thank you Orange and Evie. I’m so glad…that you two understand me. T-thank for helping me. I haven’t felt so much joy…after that incident.”

    Tears were still rolling off my eyes, but they were no longer tears of depression and misery. The tears became tears of joy and bliss. This was my first time after that incident two years when I used to be twelve, that I was unlocked from the cage of depression without my anti-depressant medicine. I wanted to shout and holler in happiness and hug Orange and Evie. However
    I tried to prevent that temptation to hug and cheer, as to me, it felt too awkward to perform those actions. I haven’t hugged someone in a while ever since that incident.

    My eyes scanned to the scenery before me. The ocean’s tide was nearing the cove, perhaps gradually rising to high tide. The sun was slowly setting as if it were the yolk of an egg slipping down a colorful palette on a dish. The pinkish-purple clouds were spread about trough the sky. The stars were shimmering high above the sunset. I was marveled by the beautiful scene. As much as I would love to paint the sunset onto my sketchbook, I could not since I left my bag somewhere further up the beach.

    I felt the memories of me and my friends watching the sunset with me flow. “Hey, let’s all live together someday. We’ll be together forever.” That was what Mei told me while watching the sunset with a younger me. “Jay, we should see the sunset more often.” It was another phrase from David who smiled an actual smile that was not a mischievous grin. André was the one who suggested we should watch the sunsets. I never knew the precious gems of the sky before. I never really bothered to stay long at watching sunsets. I do love to draw or paint sunsets, but I never stayed long as I often try to push myself to excel in art, biology, and track before I met André. I shouldn’t cry at their death. Perhaps they had gone up to a better place and became the three, brightest stars closest to each other in the sky, watching over me. Maybe they are a thousand winds passing by. Maybe they were the dancing, flower petals that floated through the air. Maybe they were the wild grass swaying with the wind.

    As the memories swayed away, I carefully climbed down the boulder that I once occupied. I whistled for my birds to follow me.
    Emil flew down from a rock where Evie’s Umbreon was on, and Emil perched on my right shoulder like a butterfly. Out of the blue, Nalafari flew to the top of my head, nestling in clumps of my hair, making himself comfortable. Oddly, Samuel was nowhere to be scene. My eyes moved about in the cove, searching for where Samuel might be, but there was no sign of him. I looked towards the entrance of the cove. I could see Wyatt with my bag on the sand next to him. I wondered if he heard the whole thing about me. I felt unsteady around him since I don’t trust him enough yet about my past. I assumed that he brought my bag to the cove. I left my bag on the coast of the beach further down before I fled to the cove.

    I meekly walked towards Wyatt until I was about seven feet away from him, “T-thank you for bringing my bag b-back. I-I really appreciate it. I-I apologize for forgetting to bring my bag with me.”

    I slowly approached my bag, and swiftly grabbed my bag with grains of sand sprinkling down to the ground from my bag. I hustled back to near Orange and Evie. I unzipped my bag to take out a bottle of water and a container containing tablets of Prozac. I took two of the tablets, and unwound the cap from the bottle of the water. I opened my mouth to swallow the two tablets, and chugged down some water.

    I could hear the sound of flapping wings. My eyes wandered to the entrance to see Samuel flying downwards from the sky like a dropping berry. Samuel perched on my left shoulder, and fluffed up and ruffled in content.

    It was getting late since the sun was setting. The Thanksgiving Dinner was about to happen at any moment. The beach could become a dangerous place with nocturnal, wild Pokémon creeping around. The tide was also rising, and the cove would become filled with water sometime soon. I asked Wyatt, Evie, and Orange, “Should we head back to the academy grounds. It would become dangerous if we stayed here with the rising tide and the nocturnal, wild Pokémon scurrying about.”


    Leka appeared to be deep in thought until he spoke to me, “It is a hard thing to watch someone so close to you, like a trainer, to suffer. The heart will carry many scars. But perhaps, one day, the scars will heal”, Leka took a look at the humans before continuing onto, “But it is good to see that you and others stand by him. He needs friends like you.”

    I bowed down to Leka to say, “It makes me feel pain when I see my trainer suffering. I want to be the one suffering instead of my trainer, but it might make others worry about me. I want to see the day where my trainer is free from the chains of depression. Thank you Leka, for the wise and kind words you’ve given to me.”

    I heard a whistle. It wasn’t any whistle. It was a whistle from my trainer, Jay. Jay looked much healthier and of course, much more contented. I flew to Jay’s right shoulder to make a soft landing. Nalafari zoomed out of nowhere and perched on Jay’s head. As Jay approached the entrance of the cave, I saw a colorful sunset with stars high in the sky gazing at me. I was mesmerized by the scene before me. Once the gang gets back to the academy, I can’t wait to use watercolor berry paint to create that memory of the sky before me.


    As the human and her Pidgeotto left towards the academy, I left for the wind currents to sail in the air. That human and her Pidgeotto were certainly interesting. The human appeared to have a high knowledge of technology as she held a board previously while I was observing the human and the Pokémon. Perhaps that was how the Pidgeotto gained her or his pearly white wings. I have a feeling that we shall meet directly face to face in the future.

    Oh well, chop, chop. I have to return to the cove to check on James. As I flew through the evening sky, the wind currents were starting to become a bitter coldness. The sky was becoming a spectrum of dancing sunset colors and the stars were starting to appear. As I flew closer to the cove at the beach, I noticed that the tide was rising. I have to get there before the tide rises too high.

    As I flew into the cove, I was relieved that James, Nalafari, and Emil were not harmed. I perched on James’s left shoulder as James’s head was occupied with Nalafari, and Emil was on James’s right shoulder. I looked towards the sky to wonder the fate of our group.


    I felt extremely giddy when the human boy entered the cove with Jay’s bag. Jay, Emil, and Jay’s friends were within the cove. I was in so much joy that I flew to my highest speed without using Tailwind and perched on Jay’s head. Oh gosh, his hair is so freaking soft. I cuddled in Jay’s hair since the wind is getting colder, and fluffed up to only ruffle my feathers later. I closed my eyes to take a short nap. In less than a minute, I fell asleep, letting the warm darkness cover me.

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