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Tamor Bellfiend
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The silence was painful; Tamor thoughts crept to the forefront and threatened to upset her emotional state. The Monks must have made a grave mistake when they chose her for this quest of theirs. Despite that her wish to not draw any attention to herself had worked she found herself wishing it hadn't. It had worked so well as no one had even attempted to glance her way. It was bound to happen, she wasn’t on par with the others… They were so much more. Her fingers curled inwards and twisted the material of her clearly worn robe in her palms that was enough to make more wrinkles. As the man who bought her into the room lead them to the monks Tamor naturally fell towards the back of the rather small group. Her place was meant to be in the last spot, she deserved the lack of acknowledgement from her peers. In her absent-minded state she stepped in front of the other member of the group who also had their hood up, which left her second to last in the line. The weight on her shoulder was gone as her hawk companion flew ahead he (or she) was scouting for danger. As the door opened to the next room the hawk gracefully zoomed passed the group into the sacred room and made several loops around the room before it the others set foot inside.

When they reached the observatory Tamor let out a sigh, was she to receive her destiny here? It could have used a splash of color and some liveliness that these monks lacked. Eislynn had recalled to her the fable in which The Council of Nine blessed the monks onto the world to guide the it. It was rare that any was allowed to meet them; in fact many doubted their existence and paid no mind to the stories of Ekilore. She wondered if this was the proper moment to remove her Mage’s Hood but she knew couldn’t. They would all whisper, laugh, and point at her unsettled appearance. If Tella was watching would she understand her reason or would she be yet again deemed a failure? Selfishly entranced Tamor barely heard the deep voice of the monk that had removed himself from his seated position to greet them. His voice clearly drew each of them in like they were moths to the monk’s flames. Her eyes stuck to the ground she dared not to look into those all-knowing blood colored eyes. Her avian friend returned to perch on Tamor's shoulder his watchful eyes met those who dare to look at Tamor almost as if he were challenging them.

He spoke slowly about the fate of the world, abilities gifted to them by The Nine (Tamor assumed that’s how they received them), a broken Orb. Then came the promise, Tamor Bellfiend from Raelus would be revered as someone to look up to. If she survived this task they wanted to grant her lavish items but her need for those were sparse. Even with their abilities the one thing she wanted couldn’t be obtained from them, her parent’s love. She lacked the bravery to speak up enough to answer a simple question, how did they expect her to bring them an orb? If only she had a different personality, if only she wasn't terrified of their judgment.

She noticed how hesitant some of the others were to agreeing to what they saw as a farce. The Elven woman who stood a few feet ahead of her questioned this tale, as did one of the armored males. Of course they had every right to but they lacked faith. With their now apparent skeptical natures out in the open Tamor knew that a clash of personalities was going to happen between them. The monk seemed to know that these ones would question him and he readily replied now it was up to them to accept. No one had answered his previous question, would she be the first?

“Y-yes, I do,” her words struggled to come out. “But, why me?” Tamor whispered to herself, unaware of the man beside her that had overheard her question and subsequently his facial expression.

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