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If they do include new Eeveelutions, I hope they only include two at the most. Eevee shouldn't evolve into every type because I think that would just cheapen it's trademark, but a couple more new evos couldn't hurt. Type wise Dragon should NOT be an option.. there doesn't need to be a "Drageon" or anything like that because a fox evolving into a dragon is kinda weird imo. If anything I hope they include a Ghost type (Zombieon? lol) or Steel type. Maybe a Flying type would be cool as long as it isn't too bird like, maybe it could have large wing-like ears or something instead of a bunch of feathers and a beak. But I'd like to see a Ghost type evo most, I think the game needs more Ghost types in general.

Torkoal really deserves an evolution though, a Fire/Steel would look badass. Even though it would have a 4x ground weakness, it's defense and inflicting burns could make up for that.

Another pokemon that I'd like to see evolve is Primeape. I can see it evolving into something very savage, with fangs and spike knuckles on its hands. Something brutal and caveman-ish would suit it well.

Scyther getting a branch evo would be interesting imo. Maybe into a Bug/Dark type Grim Reaper mantis with more pronounced scythes? o_o the possibilities...


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