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No reply yet? That won't do! Welcome to PC, Chris, and great to meet youuu. <3

So what would you say you're most interested in when it comes to Pokemon? You said you have a fair share of game accomplishments so I'd like to know what! Completed the Pokedex? Maybe got a lot of shinies? I mean... there's just so much you can do in those games, after all. Your signature says you have a lot of lv. 100s though and I'm admittedly a little jealous, since I don't think I've had over 20 in a single game. xD; The Trade Corner might be a good section to stop by if you'd like to trade with others, though there's also the Battle Center for everything Pokemon battle-related, both competitive and in-game. You can also share your knowledge by answering people's questions in the Simple Questions Thread located in most of the generation discussion sections; people are always asking for assistance since there are just so many members here. You're really nice for offering to lend a hand~!

I'm glad to hear you're also pretty enthusiastic to be a part of this place, which is great. Having goals here will make it more fun to explore and post around a place like this. :D Your efforts will definitely be appreciated, so stick around and have fun, all right? Make sure to read through the rules to understand how PC works if you haven't already.

So yeah, was good meeting you and you can contact me anytime for help! :3
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