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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I liked Donna herself for this too! She and the Doctor were just BFFs, no romance required. A lot of the male companions (temporary or not) we see with the Doctor are a little too go-with-the-flow for me. Rory was great, but he pretty much followed orders 100% and if he were travelling alone with the Doctor, he wouldn't amount to very much I don't think. Wilf was awesome too but he was also just along for the ride.
This is exactly why I liked Donna too, and the same with James Cordon's character. I disagree about Rory though, I reckon he'd stand up to the Doctor a lot more if Amy wasn't around since it'd be more of a power struggle between the two males whereas when they were travelling as a trio, Amy was pretty much in charge of them both haha. This was the main thing that I started to dislike about Amy, the show became all about her at many different points where I'd prefer it to focus on the Doctor and them saving planets etc. They took her way too far, especially with the whole "infertile --> divorce" situation that arose - that kind of stunned me that they'd actually go to those extremes haha.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I think my favourite male companion was Jack although it doesn't really get rid of the whole flirting angle. :P But I always felt Jack was very different from any of the female companions with a crush just because of his character. No drama, no expectations, he just flirted with EVERYONE and that happened to include the Doctor as well so... does it even count?
Jack was amazing, yes! But the Doctor never seemed to like him much, he kept treating him like he didn't belong which was disappointing - he would've made a great permanent assistant. My favourite moment with Jack was the whole Master trilogy of episodes, his character really shone there. Shame Martha was there to spoil it, the rest of the episodes/cast were amazing.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I hope the new companion is more like early Amy, or Donna... And Donna could go toe-to-toe with the Doctor without being, essentially, a female version of the Doctor who could do anything, which is the feeling I get from this new companion.
This is exactly what I'm hoping for too. The Doctor-Donna dynamic that was evolving throughout the series was really refreshing to see, it's just a shame how it all ended. Donna was definitely one of my favourite companions as a result of how they acted together though, so I'm excited to see whether Clara can live up to this or not. As long as she doesn't become like Amy's later half then I think she'll go down a storm.
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