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Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
Firered and Leafgreen basically retcon the Gen I storyline anyway, so this is a little moot. You can't even find any more than the original generation's Pokemon in FR/LG until you hit the Sevii Islands or grab the National Dex. Also, your Pokemon that could evolve into a Pokemon of a later generation didn't. They'd stop evolving as if you pressed the B button. Perhaps at the time of Red's adventure, only 150 Pokemon were discovered in Kanto, but new species were found in the Sevii postgame, which was not included in the original Gen I, and would've occurred slightly after RGBY's storyline.

The Brawly/Bruno connection does not necessarily imply that Bruno would know anything about the Hoenn Pokemon. Brawly could've hailed from Kanto and then settled in Dewford later.
I think I just worded some things oddly. What I'm saying is that we have just as many things that completely screw with that idea as well(of them happening simultaneously), although nobody has really brought many solid pros, if at all; One of the more notable things that opposes the idea is how Team Magma/Aqua's actions weren't even noted in Gen V until B2W2(which shows that Gen III could possibly have happened inbetween the two sets), while they clearly mention their thoughts on why Galactic and Rocket failed in BW.

Trading, etc. have been retconned all throughout the Pokemon games so that's why I put out the idea that those don't really prove a thing when it comes to where a gen is placed. B2W2 are a perfect argument to further show that because you can freely trade/battle between both sets of games regardless of the fact that the latter two happened two years later.

We really don't have anything solid that gives Gen III a specific place is my main point.

As for the whole Brawly/Bruno issue, I'm not even sure why it was brought up(simply knowing someone from other regions a while =/= the main events of their respective regions' games having to take place at the same time. That conversation just turned into a mess really.

Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
I'm personally hoping for a before Gen 1/Gen 3 placement in the timeline. We unfortunately see some Unova Pokemon in the trailer, so that could mean the this new region is just as far or farther from the Japan-based regions. That would explain why Gen 1/3 only had discovered 386 Pokemon, as this region is so far away that the newer Pokemon that appear here wouldn't be an issue. The XY postgame could happen contemporaneously with the beginning of Gen1/3's adventures, opening up trading if the player beat the game in XY to a possible Hoenn remake.
From what I've been trying to point out this whole time...I'm just going to ignore some of that and just say that it would be interesting if Gen VI turned out to be more of a prequel, although as of now I think it happens in the future.
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