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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    Stuttering from the invisible man catches Xoxaa's attention regarding her comments about his presumed perverted exploits utilizing his suspicious arcana powers. The young woman catches sight of his reaction and smiles impishly in his direction in an unconscious response to his cherry red cheeks. Of course, this scenario is brief, Xoxaa quickly falling under the scrutiny of her sector leader as he approaches her and the two other men present.

    Minutes later, chaos erupts in a matter of moments as ball guests learn about the invasion occurring on Regalos and the ballroom quickly falls into hysteria. Broken out of her state of shock by the ensuing panic emanating throughout the ballroom. Looking around, she takes in the circumstance, her ears picking up data from various sources to the best of her ability, sorting through the clamor bouncing off the walls and ceiling of the large festive room. Pulling her bag with her right hand from her side to her lap, she plants her hands atop her bag, preparing for any scenario that might warrant action from the girl. She clutches her bag tighter, her eyes this time fixating on the crowds gathering in a corner of the room, seeking escape. Apparently, the island is under attack, and this most likely will mean that she'll be called to deal with the conflict. Although she's still worn out from her earlier scuffle with the thief she apprehended with the help of the older woman from her sector, perhaps as long as she's careful and stocks up with a ton of snacks would act as a strong enough lifeline for her exhausted physique and arcana powers.
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