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Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
Get off the internet, all of you. Say some murderer came up to you with a gun. If you don't have a gun yourself to defend with, you are automatically a dead man. Even if guns were banned in America, they can still get them elsewhere; if guns are banned in every country on the planet, they make their own. There's no stopping criminals unless you fight back yourself; these guys get clever and if you can't defend yourself, you're dead.
Well the problem is, not many people care to get, or can afford, illegal guns.

For example, a handgun, let's say, is 50 grams. (I don't actually know how much a handgun is, so I'm going a bit low on my estimate.) Whereas 50 grams of cocaine would cost at least $5000, all you can sell with one handgun, at a reasonable price, would be at most $100, or somewhere around there.

So either, it's not worth smuggling, or it's going to be insanely expensive.

And let's be real here - the people who usually threaten people with guns, are pretty much rogue crazies. Not the richest people on the block.

And most people who are willing to put in such a big amount of effort to kill someone aren't going to be stopped anyways - think about all the people that make shootouts and whatnot. They just act on the moment, they don't plan things out.
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