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I want a Wii instead of a WiiU, thinking about it now... They're so much cheaper and can play all my GameCube games! ;n;

I like the crops in ANB, I've never gotten into them much before except in FoMT and partially DS Cute, but I like how you can make your own fields with different fertility rates, move them around, etc. And the field to the right of your farm is prime property for growing crops n_n

Urugamosu, welcome! You're our 10th member! [insert Harvest Goddess congratulations but you don't get a prize or anything]
Friends of Mineral Town is definitely an excellent game, as I'm sure you could tell from all of the posts above x)

SomariFeyWright, I've had that happen to me before aaah e_e I hate when stores close because of the weather like in ToTT... It makes no sense at all, they're all like "oh it's raining which has no effect on me whatsoever while I'm inside better close up the shop" sigh :\

To the whole club, do you guys think I should take out the 'Mayor Thomas is the Harvest King' requirement? It gets glanced over a lot and I feel like we aren't big enough for it to be really enforced... I think it's more beneficial in large clubs where some people post once or twice and become inactive yet are still on the roster. What are your guys' thoughts on that?