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    I'm going to be the complete oddball and say that I really hope we can't transfer our Pokemon...

    It might just be me but in my Gen V files and even Gen IV, I have so many Pokemon that are just clustered onto one game from migrating in past generations, and it has a domino effect in Gen V because you can get Pokemon from RSE, Colo/XD, FRLG, DPPt, and HGSS and I know that it helps tons with getting Pokemon that aren't otherwise accessible, but I feel like the domino effect is just going to get progressively worse with each generation.

    I know it'd be otherwise impossible for us to get all 700+ Pokemon on one game without transferring, yet that's how Ruby and Sapphire were until the GameCube games and FRLG were introduced. So hopefully we get RS remakes and other games that'll provide that accessibility...
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