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    Here we are Hoenn Region:


    -gotfor HM purposes
    -beat May
    -caughtfor Pickup purposes xD and to kill the only mandatory trainer 'till i catch Slakoth
    -Wally caught Ralts
    -caught the Careful
    -grinding the boring
    -caught the Serious
    -bought 6 x-defense and 6 x-attack

    : difficulty 4/5
    *this IS hard.. the hardest leader 'till nowwas LV14 and i manage to beat her with being nearly immune to physical attacks after the use of x-defense

    -delievered Letter .. skipping Brawly of course i think it's a 100/5 right now xD
    -saved museum from Team Idro
    -evolved on Route 110 finally,equipped Everstone
    -evolved inside Trick House finally my team can battle vs someone xD
    -equipped with Macho Brace
    -got Bike
    -Cycling Road

    : difficulty 1.5/5
    *easy Rock Smash is good here as always xD i think this challenge is becoming easier

    -taught Shock Wave
    -Ash route,Fiery Path,Meteor Falls things

    : difficulty 1/5 now xD
    *well...LV30 's Strength and he went down easily right away

    -taughtBulk Up
    -beat Mt.Chimney Team Idro

    : difficulty 1/5
    *used Bulk Up and then Strength

    : difficulty 1/5
    *same here xD

    -done water routes
    -taughtIce Beam
    -not evolvingyet I'll do it right before E4
    -insteadevolved at Route 119
    -Team Idro defeated and not received
    -got Devonscope
    -caughtfor HM purposes

    next Update will be from here to The End :D
    On going Challenges:
    RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons