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I had tired myself out, and was resting against the wall outside. Out of breath and demoralized, I at least told myself that the day would get better. Steven walked out, making me a bit happier. "Hey, are you okay? I know the news was bad, but it could be worse."

"It could?" I said sarcastically.

"Well, maybe not. But everyone has to go eventually." On second thought, he wasn't exactly making me feel much happier.

"Stick to being a soldier, you're a terrible therapist." I said sarcastically.

He laughed, "Well that's good to know I'm in my place."

"How do you do it? Like how do you follow directions with feeling angry or shackled?" I never could relate to people who listened without question.

"Well it is just my job I guess. I mean I have no reason to be angry, and I trust the family." I nodded, I didn't think trust was reason to follow, "And I have always wanted to help people but I never knew how, so when someone tells me what to do as a soldier, I trust that it is to help." When he put it that way, maybe I'd respect them more.

We just kind of layed in silence, enjoying just the company of each other. Suddenly though our peace was destroyed. I saw the smoke of the fire before the alarm. I jumped up, ready for action. "Who is attacking us?"

"Maybe the same people as the speech talked about." He said, equally ready. We heard fearful screams from inside, and people outside fleeing towards the mansion. "This is chaos!" He said. He turned toward me, "You need to get somewhere safe."

I shook my head, "My master would still be in his home, he can barely walk. We have to go save him."

"But I have to report to..."

"I cut him off, if you report to your captain then there is a good chance both me and my master will die. I know you have a job, but right now I really need you." I said desperately, if I went alone I may not be able to carry my master and run back without getting attacked.

He paused, his mind clearly in conflict. "I-I'll go, but we need to help people on the way." He said slowly. I nodded and we ran toward my home as fast as we could, many civilians were fine at first, but as we got deeper into the city, we saw more hostile people. "This isn't a raid, this is a siege!" He said fearfully. They were killing people ruthlessly.

"What kind of monsters would just kill like this?" I cried.

"I don't think it matters, we need to evacuate for now. I don't think we can win a fight right now." I saw one of the soldiers, they had an odd thing about them, something I didn't get. "Let's hurry."
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