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Auden Radke, Oculus Tower.
Theme: Planet Hell - Nightwish.

A rather inquisitive elf was next to enter after Auden, and she was quiet a boisterous. I wonder why she's trying to sound like a male? Auden asked himself, looking at the elf with hidden disgust. She might end up being a fun toy.. elves usually like to think they are above humans. The idea of torturing her was growing stronger and stronger as he examined her with his eyes moving into the magic spectrum, revealing nothing within her. For some reason, lost to Auden, she was faking the grin on her face. Such a pointless mask she’s putting on. He thought, allowing his eyes to once again take in the spectacular view that was before him. Moments later another person entered the room, taking his attention away from the view again to analyse the newest addition to rooms gathering group. This one was much more interesting, at least in Audens eyes, as they also had their hood on, covering their face from view. This hinted they had something to hide, which meant they also had something to exploit. Another thing that was interesting was the hawk that was sitting on their shoulder. Auden caught a quick glimpse of the person's face as they lifted their head up slightly, revealing feminine features, that looked strangely familiar, almost nostalgic.

One of the eunuchs suddenly began speaking, with no noticeable signal, informing the group that they could now meet the monks. The members of the group filed out, leaving Auden last, which didn’t bother him at all. That insignia, its from the Mage Guild my parents were a part of in Raelus. The insignia rested on the back of the hooded persons cloak, whom Auden assumed was female. This assumption was reinforced by her walking style and perceivable body shape. Thought's raced through Auden's mind as the group made their way to the Monks chambers, trying to think of who could be under the cloak as so many things about the way she carried herself and walked seemed familiar to him. Upon entering the monks chamber, he took position next to her, being more interested in who she was then he'd normally like.

A quick glance around the room showed that they were surrounded by the monks, with all but one of the seven sitting in throne like seats that were on a stone platform which rose them above the group and encircled the rooms outer edge. The lone standing monk was also the only one that didn’t have a hood covering his face. His complexion was slightly contradictory as he looked both young and old at the same time, though this wasn't the most intriguing part of his appearance. Red eyes. The monk had red eyes, red eyes they had a slight tint of magic flowing around them, very intriguing eyes indeed Auden thought. The monk began addressing the group, his red eyes analyzing those who stood before him one by one. He spoke of the monks “visions” of the future that brought great hope to the world, an apparent everlasting peace. None of which the monk had spoken of had yet to get Auden's attention, as he continued speaking after a deep pause. The monk continued to speak, bringing up an artificial that could apparently bring chaos to an end.

"And what do you want us to do?" One of the two men clad in armor asked.

"A fair question to ask," the monk replied. "This Orb was believed to be shattered long ago with its pieces becoming the desire of many because of its so called 'value' as a treasure with no owner being astute enough to realize its true purpose. This, in turn, caused the shards to be scattered across all of Aerion. For this prophecy to hold true, we must gather all these pieces to put the Orb of Ardor back together to unlock its power. Undoubtedly, you chosen few will become heroes." The red eyed monk finished, before the other monks finally began answering themselves, though they mostly spoke of the rewards that the would all receive at the end of this “quest”.

These monks seem to think quite highly of themselves. And the way they sit above us in those throne like chairs while speaking down to us.. I can already see the looks of disbelief on their faces as I slowly kill them, Auden's mind was again wondering towards torture, his withdrawals being magnified by all the happiness and confidence in themselves the towers occupants seemed to have. I should just refuse this “quest” of theirs and burn this tower to the ground. His muscles all tensed underneath his robes before he caught himself, the sound someone in the group speaking. Relaxing, he continued to listen.

The question came from the other Elf of the group, whom had asked how the orb would bring peace, with her question being reinforced again by one of the two armor clad men. The monks swiftly answered this question, though they did try to avoid answering with solid facts and more on generalisation on what had been told in books or passed down through their order. Still no one had actually accepted their proposal.

The next voice came from besides him, stuttering her words, was an acceptance of the monks quests. Auden's eyes darted to her figure, a smiling flickering before disappearing again. The hawk on her shoulder stared back at Auden, though he ignored it. That voice! It must be her!
“But, why me?” She mumbled, barely audible, though loud enough for Auden to hear from his position next to her. The smile again flickered across his face before disappearing again. Oh Tamour Bellfiend, what a fantastic time for our reunion! He thought, idea's travelling through his mind.

Changing his voice the slightest amount he spoke.“I also accept.” The first words that came from his mouth weren't those of his true voice.
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