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    Normal:Blissey. There aren't many Normal-types I dislike, but since Blissey has annoyed me in battle, I pick her.
    Fighting: LUCARIO.
    Flying: Pigeotto. Ash's Pigeotto made annoying nosies in the anime.
    Poision: Garbodor. They made some pretty lackluster Poison type, but none are worse than a Pokemon inspired by garbage.
    Ground: Excadrill. I hate it because it has potential to be so appealing in design, but then it's just not.
    Rock: Geodude. Too many in caves.
    Bug: Combee. It's cry is annoying.
    Ghost: None, there's not Ghost type that I particularly dislike.
    Steel: LUCARIO.
    Fire: Darmanitan. It's one of my least favorite designs ever.
    Water: Feebas
    Grass: Venusaur. Bulbasaur is so adorable.. How it got to fungus warty toad-dino-cat I will never understand.
    Electric: I don't like most electric rodents. Emolga, Pachirisu, Minun and Plusle, Pikachu. I like Raichu though.
    Psychic: Gothitelle. It looks like a cake.
    Ice: Abomasnow. The snow-tree Pokemon.. Really..
    Dragon: All of them but Dragonite's line have been disappointing.
    Dark: Umbreon. In a way Umbroen is cute, but it's ears and tail remind me of bee butts. They are black and yellow, and shaped the same. Plus Umbreon is popular for design, but it's hard to make it a good Pokemon in a team (at least it was for me.)