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    Zora and Rafael- Cafeteria

    "O-Oh Uhm n-nice to meet you Cecil. T-these are my Pokemon Zorua, Snorunt, and Mudkip." Zora said acting totally out of character and her face turned a light pink color and she tried to hide her cheeks. Zorua giggled and looked at the Haunter while Mudkip went over to Dewott and Lulu and introduced himself. Waldo quickly smiled and introduced himself but Lulu wasn't to willing to talk to any new Pokemon after what happened earlier.

    "D'awww you guys look so cute together" I said kinda jokingly but kinda serious. Suddenly my hair felt weird and I noticed that Zora's Snorunt had Frozen my hair. I smiled and Pikachu giggled and broke the ice with a soft Iron Tail. I looked down and felt sorta embarrassed but at the same time kinda happy.
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