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    Originally Posted by shubham2207 View Post
    @miss doronjo - the legendaries of kanto were articuno,moltres and zapdos but mewtwo never represented as d region's legendary pkmn to support or protect kanto cuz it was man made(one of 5 pkmns dat lord arceus didnt make) and giovanni used mew2 to conquer d world.. Even if mewtwo is the strongest pkmn after lord arceus, still i never call it a legendary
    Well first, Mewtwo has been classified as a legendary pokemon by Nintendo. And no, I never said it was made to represent Kanto; Giovanni used the pokemon for evil, but when Mewtwo escaped, he developed his own hatred for humans.

    But look - my point is that it's not really set in stone on a role of a legendary pokemon until we get to know it. You can't really just say legendary pokemon are supposed to protect a region and not despise trainers until we know what it represents, or what it's own 'will' is. So, the jury is still out on the newest two legendary pokemon. D= I'm not calling them 'evil', I'm just saying they might lack 'goodness'.

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