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    Originally Posted by Flame999 View Post
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    An old program called poketronic will make a basic wild battle script for you, but if you want anything more than the battle, you are going to have to edit it yourself.
    I Have that program and it's just to catch the legendary Pokemon and maybe a few others
    I used the program but how do make it vanish from the screen
    Once you create the script, which it will do for any pokemon, just search through the menus, make sure you put it into a place where there is nothig but free space so you can edit it. Add the comand hidesprite 0x(person number) to the part of the script you want it to disappear at. Then set an unsed flag. Set the number of that flag to the person id of the sprite in amap. This will make it stay gone when the flag is set.

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