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    Haha wow a bunch of questions! lets see if i can hit them all.

    Cirno, great to meet you as well. thanks for the welcome. To be perfectly honest I enjoy playing pokemon just as a challenge to myself. beat goals i set in previous games. Unfortunately, i have yet to get my hands on any shinies, but i was lucky enough to get a pokemon in Black 2 that had the pokevirus! never thought it would happen, but i guess the pokemon gods were smiling at me. I have completed the pokedex in yellow, gold, emerald, firered, pearl, and platinum (with help from my pearl version). That is hands down the hardest thing to do without friends and/or the gts, but luckily i have both. Most of my pokemon are actually caught, but for the ones you cant (legally) get ingame, friends are a necessity. Almost there in Black 2, however. so close... Once i got a couple lvl 100s, the elite 4 and champ become easy. when im sitting around waiting for the next game, i slap the exp. share on a pokemon and run through the 4+1 a couple times. Rinse then repeat. Again, training pokemon is fun in a way, especially when that elusive lvl100 is at the pinnacle.

    Kawaii Pikachu, great name by the way. My favorite pokemon throughout all the generations has to be Jolteon. its my go-to-guy and its speed and spA stats are killers online. My favorite legendary is Latios, but pales in comparison to Jolteon, in my mind that is. Suicune is right up there at #2, and subsequently takes a spot in my party. The original Pokemon Yellow (my first) is my favorite. I grew up with these game and i remains the one i like to go back to just to battle a little. Unfortunately i lost my GBA games' and Pearl/Platinum "s in our last move, but i was saved when my origional Yellow and Gameboy Color made it.

    Hope i got all your questions. Great to see a friendly community. You'll probably be hearing from me.
    I need some counseling though, im thinking i should wait as late as possible to get a 3DS at its cheapest for the new games. I really dont want to retire my DS Lite, but if thats the direction the games are going in, i better hop on the waggon.

    Regards, Chris
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