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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    The 3DS can already read data from the current generation with the Dream Radar, so at least we've got that going for us.

    I'd say that the only way we're not getting migration is if the base mechanics of Pokemon are changing. Things like how stats work, or experience, or IVs and EVs and such. Though, with how groundbreaking this generation looks, I wouldn't be surprised if we got an overhaul just like that that breaks compatibility.
    I'd actually be okay with this. If GF somehow invents a new stat system that does away with how IVs are handed out, and in turn makes RNGing almost pointless (bear in mind, I'm actually okay with RNG being used to get max stats), then I could understand if previous-gen Pokemon couldn't be transferred. Or it could even mess with Gen 4/5 IVs depending on how Gen VI's stat system works -- that is, if GF even makes a new one.

    I honestly think GF needs to do something about IVs, because they must know by now that tournament players have cracked their codes time and again to make their Pokemon the best they can be, so I'd say it's about time they try a new approach to making a Pokemon unique and yet at the same time still optimal for competitive use.

    But yeah, If the Dream Radar could interact with DS games, then transferring Pokemon from DS games is still doable. I imagine that Nintendo could make a 3DS app that stores the Pokemon you send from your Gen IV and V games and allows you to send them to X/Y later.

    Also, might be slightly off-topic, but I'd even be okay if GF stopped using the Dream World; honestly, having us manage two Dream Worlds is a bit inconvenient, but three Dream Worlds would be unreasonable. Although, it certainly doesn't help that there's a limit on how long you can play, but then when I heard your items get taken away after a certain amount of days, that was a real letdown. Dream World honestly started to bore me after a while. I guess I just don't enjoy endless online games, even if it's about Pokemon, the most addictive thing in the world. Try something else, Game Freak. =P
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