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    Here is the fixed download!
    I'm super sorry my delightful peoples ; A ;
    I didnt know it wasn't working! but i have good news at least!
    the imporved download is an updated game! :D
    I hope you'll enjoy it ^ ^

    Also, as a reply to all of the recent posts, thank you for your support, I'm happy to hear people like my game and appreciate the effort i'm putting into it!

    i'm also glad people like everything i've done up til now haha

    as for the name change, I like to follow what the creator of my favorite fanmade pokemon game, Super Pokemon Eevee Edition, which was if someone looks up the name, what do you want them to see, that game, or yours?
    so i am currently re-thinking the name and if anyone has an idea I would totally be open to it haha

    as for the game update itself, theres so many things fixed or changed, I cant even begin to start naming, but the download currently is out to date, as i have recently made many changes to the game: fixing the weird old man glitch, adding a full intro, changing the professor meeting conversation, and the way you get your starter type, however the game currently is not imporved enough to be another installment, i want to fix more and add a lot more before you guys play!

    I just want to say it before anyone else does and i get labeled as the guy who steals ideas (i have heard a little about people making ideas similar to this, but his is my own idea i made up myself and didnt steal it from anyone >.<)
    a major antagonist in the game was one of the mentioned people who became pokemon, in Kadabra's entry, it mentions that one day a boy woke up and he was a kadabra, this is one of those cases, he fully evolved and rose passed the realms of natural pokemon as he had the intellect of a normal human enhanced not only by the intense kinetic, mental, and psychic energy, but also the power of a pokemon. He became a powerful wizard, or even pokemon, he refuses to believe he is a pokemon, but denies that he is a human, he believes he is something better than both, and wants the world to know

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