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Whilst talking about stand-up comics there's the inevitable moment when certain names will arise which challenge the limits of the art, not always for the better. Specifically in this instance, I'm referring to Frankie Boyle. His humour is so dark and controversial that he's even had to publicly apologises for telling certain jokes on more than one occasion, and yet he's still rated as one of the best comics of our time. Personally I really don't like his stand-up at all; his style seems to just be "I'll offend the audience, now I'll offend black people, now I'll offend homosexuals, now I'll offend..." etc etc until he's offended everyone he can. Ordinarily I don't mind offensive jokes like that at all, but in his routines he gives the perception that he's doing it just to insult people with the humour taking second priority. And he used to be a teacher for small children haha. But I might be in the minority here, so what do you guys think about Boyle's sense of humour?
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