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So what did you think about Kanto in HG/SS?
It was about what I expected from it after playing the originals- except with the added returns of Cerulean Cave, Viridian Forest and Seafoam Islands, plus the Pal Park where the old Safari Zone used to be (still wish they would have fleshed out Mt. Moon like they did other areas, but I'm not complaining).

Was it fun?
To a degree, yes. However, after 4 straight generations featuring Kanto, is did start to get a little boring.

Did it last as long as you'd expect?
It lasted a little longer than I remember it from playing Gold, so I guess that's a bonus.

What surprised you in Kanto?
Like previously stated, the return of areas like Viridian Forest and Cerulean Cave. I was expecting them to be missing/shortened much like their Gen II forms, so I was gladly surprised they came back the way they should've been in the first place (although, I know cartridge memory has vastly improved since then).

Did you like Johto better?
Aesthetically I didn't prefer one or the other, but with the Battle Frontier, National Park and Mt. Silver located in Johto, I did spend much more of my time there.

What did you like/dislike about Kanto?
I can't iterate enough how happy I was that they didn't skimp out with some areas like they did in G/S/C. However, there's only so much you can do the region without overhauling it, so it did grow a bit stale on me.

Important for 99.99% of these questions, is why? xD
Or maybe Johto was what you disliked/liked? If so, you could answer the questions and replace Kanto with Johto.
Any other stuff?

Obviously I would've been disappointed if Kanto didn't make a return, too, but seeing it as often as we have made me bored of the area. The lack of any real story didn't help much either, because aside from collecting the Kanto Gym badges, there wasn't much point of visiting Kanto in the first place.
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