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    Great cover, Jake :o It's...extremely difficult to give criticisms, not only because you did a wonderful job, but because I know real life vs. recording- especially when you lack more equipment than your voice and internal mic- are very different. And I don't know a thing about good production materials, so I can't really offer you any advice there. :( I would suggest you open your mouth a little wider when you sing (whoa dejavu just happened for some reason), but how could I when I have the same problem? :p You may just prefer that style of singing anyway, and I wouldn't want to discourage you from being unique. That high note near the end was a little rocky, but you brought it down with a really nice vibrato which evened it out. :D

    I would really like to collaborate with somebody- my priority at the moment is finding a producer, though a songwriter or fellow coverer would be cool too. Here's my soundcloud. I don't have very many recordings up and they're all pretty shoddy, but should give you some idea of my sound and style. Let me know if you're interested or have any advice to give a production nub like myself.

    Looking forward to seeing more work here! (Thank you AlexOzzyCake and/or whoever's idea this was to make this thread! I'm really excited! also, let me know if I didn't post properly.)