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Can you tell me when you have another spot ? I have my SU. I Was in a flight, so I could not post my SU.

here is my SU -

Name – Steven (Steve) Mckenzie

Age – 17

Appearance – With his spiky hair Steve looks pretty much like your average teenager. A
peculiar figure who has a massive 6'5 frame and a scrawny build. He has a dark complexion
but not overly dark. He has emerald green eyes and a deep scar on his right cheek .

Steve wears black shirts with dark blue jeans most of the time. He also carries a dark green
back pack and a belt in which he carries his pokeballs.

Personality – If you look at Steve from a distance he looks like a normal teen , but if you look
at his face closely you will realize that he has been sad for the early part of his life . Steve is
quiet most of the time but has a fierce passion for pokemon battles and can talk endlessly
during his battles. However, Steve cannot stand not losing; because he loves utter dominance
in each event he participates. This is one of the reasons he has never made it big. Despite
these flaws he is actually quite nice.

History – Steve was born to a rich family in Petalburg City in the Hoenn Region. Unlike most
people who are born in an upper class family, Steve was never happy even when he was 3-
4 years old. His parents felt desperate to make him happy and tried to get him into different
activities from painting to music, but all in vain. They finally gave up when he was 10 and all
was quiet for a week or so. One day while going on a jog with his father, he found a skarmory
being troubled by a machamp. The plight of that skarmory broke Steve’s heart and he begged
his father to help that skarmory. His father sent out his togekiss and after a difficult battle, he
managed to rescue the skarmory. Steve looked after the skarmory for many days and when
the time came for it to leave, it refused to leave him. Then began the bonding of pokemon and
trainer, which later led to the start of Steve’s pokemon journey. Steve was extremely talented
and easily beat all the gym leaders of Hoenn in 2 years. He tried the Hoenn league but was
beaten in the first round itself. This led to him being depressed and he spent the next few
years training like relentlessly. When he heard of the Ultima Cup, he immediately participated
in the qualifying tournament and went to the Ultima Cup with the intentions of winning it and
going to the international leagues qualifying rounds as he had no intentions of winnin the prize
money of 2.5 million dollars.

Pokemon –

Skarmory (Miser)
Gender - Male
Ability-Weak Armour
Moves – Swords Dance
Steel Wing
Miser got his name for the fact that he is too lazy to spend his energy unnecessarily outside of
the battlefield. However, he is a fierce contender in battles as he is an offensive skarmory with
enormous defences. Being Steve’s earliest pokemon he is the highest levelled and strongest
member of Steve’s team.

Salamence (Tessy)


Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Fire Blast
Tessy is Steve’s most dependable pokemon. In Steve’s first match she being his last pokemon
managed to get rid of the other 5 pokemon before finally succumbing to that trainer’s Flygon.
Extremely arrogant and bossy she loves bullying weaker pokemon. Other than that she is
extremely bankable.

Breloom (VIP)
Gender – Male
Ability -Technician

Moves –

Mach Punch
Close Combat
Seed Bomb

VIP is adept at throwing punches as fast as light. Likes to use Spore at the start of the start
of the battle and then breaks the other pokemon’s bones with its punches. VIP is however too
sympathetic to leave a pokemon in its broken condition and many a times can be seen nursing
the pokemon that he has himself injured.

Gender- -nil-
Ability – Magnet Pull


Hidden Power (Fire)
Flash Cannon
Tri Attack
As soon as Magneto is sent into the battle he strikes terror into the hearts of steel types.
Since, most steel types have terrible SP Defence, they almost never escape safely. Magneto
was caught by Steve in Hoenn and has grown up rapidly ever since.

Zodiac (Starmie)
Gender - -nil-
Ability – Natural Cure
Moves –Surf
Ice Beam

Zodiac is able to use many different moves which make him one of the most useful members
of the team. Many a times the team was rescued by Zealot’s heroics later on in the battle.
Zealot has one bad quality and that is the fact that he can suddenly spray water on everybody
in front!

Max (Excadrill)
Gender - Male
Ability – Mold Breaker
Moves –Drill Run
Metal Claw
Swords Dance
Brick Break

Max was found by Steve in a cave in Rustboro City. It is still a mystery as to how Max came
to be in Hoenn. But after Steve took Max as his own, he has not disappointed. The most
unpredictable member of Steve’s team. He sometimes gets out early in the battle and at other
times rips up teams.
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