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Haha, I suppose this post will just be spoilers about the recent update and nothing else. ^^;
To anyone snooping around this thread looking to get into the franchise, I apologize.

Glad I didn't! @[email protected]

He does look stupid, lmao. I guess Hussie got rid of his glasses so that he fits John's Trickster Mode template? Pretty lazy, haha. What happened to Jake's pair of shoes that got knocked off his feet in the previous update, though? Ah well, it's probably gonna magically reappear after Trickster Mode fades, or maybe it's already the colorful shoes that Trickster Jake's wearing.

I don't like it either. D: He's working on these interactive flashes for no good reason, because we all know that got old pretty soon. At least for me it did. u_u Plus the Jane's birthday plot points couldn't mean this! Whatever happened to those jujus ugh. The suckers suck. But yeah, it's Hussie's comic, and I trust that this isn't just a troll effort and that he'll make it interesting again.

The only thing is, right now I have no idea how he'll pull that off.
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