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    Hey, I just joined to forum, and I plan to be a some-what active member of the Fanfiction section. Guess I've arrived just the time this place needed new members, huh

    I participated in other pokemon forum who also used to have this really agitated fanfiction section, that suddenly became really inactive, with no apparent reason, like this one. It's really sad to see this happening... I think, one of the reasons for this, at the time, was because, at the same time, all the popular writers started getting too busy with school/uni and stopped writing. For a while the only type of fic that would pop up there were OT fics, that were either poorly executed, painfully uninspired or trying to be something different, but in the end just being more of the same, really.
    With time, people from the forum just stopped going to the fanfiction section, giving up hope of finding something nice to read.

    Maybe something similar is happening here? Or maybe people nowadays just rather spend their times on tumblr or something than bothering finding something good to read? hmmm

    Anyway, I like Phantom's idea. Posting in introductions thread is such a good extrategy! We could recommend the good fics in here to the newcomers, or something.
    Posting it on other foruns is interesting. Like fanfic foruns. And maybe find where the rest of the pokemon fandom posts their fic ( Livejournal?) and tell them about this forum. Even if they don't want to post their works here, having a Writer's Lounge to hang out is still pretty sweet.

    And I guess that's it? Long post is long.
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