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I'm not really keen on advertising the section on other forums, as it's just typically against the rules to go advertising other forums anywhere. We don't allow people to advertise their own forums to others outside of their signature, so to then do it ourselves would be hypocritical.

Pointing it out to people in the New Users/Welcome forum section if they mention they like writing (roleplaying, etc) would be fine though. Raising it in convo with friends outside the site is also fine. Just don't go about to just advertise.
For a while the only type of fic that would pop up there were OT fics, that were either poorly executed, painfully uninspired or trying to be something different, but in the end just being more of the same, really.
I don't think it's so much a problem with types of fics or standards (there's plenty here that's good to read including a number of fics that one may call an OT that's pretty decent). At the moment it is the holiday season so it's not unnatural to see fanfic sections (not just this one) have a bit of a lull. This one has been quieter than what it has a few years back for a few reasons though, evident in say the poetry forum's lack of activity.
We could recommend the good fics in here to the newcomers, or something.
That's what the thread sticky in the main section is for, on that note. (As well as the current nominations thread in this section too).
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