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I totally saw something like this coming which made me hesitate a bit as far as moderation in A&D board is concerned. I left quite a lot of posts untouched and warned a few users about their relatively 'generic' posts. Not gonna do that anymore.

But before I say anything else, just let me get this out of the way - Appreciation is not non-constructive. It has never been considered that.

Activity is needed, yes. And you raise valid points. But rules are present for a reason. They're here to keep this place clean. Though, as of late, people have been blatantly ignoring them. I am an artist myself and I really do value comments that appreciate my works. But posts that contain nothing but "I love your work" or its variations aren't needed. I mean, it is always good to show appreciation. I really do encourage that, in fact. But there should be a decent amount of effort put into the posts of an admirer. If I do not regulate posts like I do, A&D might as well become a hellhole full of spammers who go around shouting "I like your works" or "I dislike your works". Okay, you like/dislike a work, fine. But is it really that big of a problem for you to state why? I mean, you can just go "I really like this picture because of how it gives off a melancholy vibe. Its dark atmosphere is lovely." or "I dislike how you do hair. It just doesn't seem natural in this specific piece. Maybe alter it a bit [insert one-two lines here]?" and be done with it. I wouldn't mind that. It isn't really necessary for a post to be a tl;dr for it to be considered worthy. Like I said, it should hold some value. Generic replies, I feel, do not carry that value. If I do allow posts like Gideon's, this place might as well become a haven for spammers. Just being a little specific in your criticism or comments wouldn't hurt.

Like I said, I'm trying my best to promote activity. Those who genuinely care do post. I really don't mind sacrificing activity at the cost of less spam, though.

Originally Posted by Gideon Jeremiah
I genuinely enjoy this artwork.
It is a fine departure from my tastes, of unimaginative gardens & idyllic venues.
Bravo Ms. outfox, bravo.
His comment, by the way. I'd totally have left it there if it weren't for the lack of any specificity. It is so general (a little arguable if you consider the fact that there are only two galleries in here with dark themes at the moment. But still generic, nonetheless) that, honestly, I can copy it and paste it in almost every thread and call it a valid post. Pretty much becomes an easy way to rack up more posts for that 1+ post count, don't you think? I do not, in any way, intend to belittle Mr. Gideon by writing what I did. If it seems like that I'm sorry. But I do not think I would like to see non-specific posts in A&D. I hope my reasoning is satisfactory. If not, I'll be glad to talk about it in a PM. :]

As for your works, I'll just say that I adore how dark and distorted they feel. The best part about your works is that I can clearly feel the emotion you're trying to convey with your drawings. Their expressions, their posture - everything works together wonderfully in favor of the pieces in order to give them some strong emotional punch (for the lack of a better term :p). I'm actually able to feel how sad the nude guy and the neckless girl are. So yes, the strongest aspect of your works, in my opinion is their ability to effectively convey certain emotions. And shading, apart from that. The shading in the neckless girl is pretty goddamn good. I like how you've colored in here, as well. The grungy texture really does work for the piece. :D

I'd honestly have loved to post more if I could but I'm a little busy with real life stuff. So I guess this'll have to do for now. Looking forward to your stuff. They're really nice. A nice departure from the usually cute/jolly stuff we see over here. :]

Edit: Oh, and the fish looks tad out of place in here, in my opinion. The work itself is very well done, though. :D
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