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    I don't think it's a reboot in the strict meaning of the word. The older games are still referenced (IIRC, Cynthia mentions the protagonist from DPPt, comparing the BW player character to him/her) , B2W2 has gym leaders from all other games, a former Team Rocket member in BW (and we even call tell which one he is!) and former members of Magma/Aqua appear in B2W2... even though the games do not go overboard in referencing older games, they can be placed in the continuity established since the actual reboot in Gen 3, so for me, it's a sequel.

    I don't count the "no old Pokémon in Unova" thing as a sign of a reboot, because it simply isn't true: in BW older Pokémon do appear in the eastern part of Unova that the player simply doesn't happen to explore during the main quest, and B2W2 have them from the start.
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