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I don't know if it's already too late to give advice, but...
I usually only write 3rd person myself. And sometimes, when crafting my stories, specially while focusing on characters, there's this feel "huh, I just made this character here have all these feelings, and thinking all this stuff about other characters/the world/etc. I'd like to transmit this for the readers, but danm, I'd have to suddenly change to 1st person for him to transmit this stuff to the public....."
Or sometimes I'm thinking "huh, I'm writing 3rd person, but this is a mistery story and I would like only the main character pov to be transmited to the readers, so I would have to change to 1st person....."

And then! When I'm almost surrendering to 1st person, the 3rd person past-tense reveals to me it's true powers! =D
I come to the realization that 3rd person is unlimited in terms of writing, and nothing that is done in 1st person can't be done in 3rd person.
I'm serious, try writing a paragraph or so in 1st person and them change it to 3rd. See if that doesn't work out just as well.
Even the characters feelings and thoughts can be transmitted trough the 3rd person.

Some examples:
Alice was sitting by his side in the waiting room. Jesus, how gourgeous she was! He couldn't stop staring, even aware of the fact that it would be truly embarassing if she realized what he was doing. Adam was such a bastard for having her all for himself...
She ran like hell out of that castle. Really, she was running so fast she thought she might trip and fall at any moment. Her legs became tired in no time. Danm, what years of just sitting on a chair in front of a computer can do to a person... Suddenly, she stopped. Computer, that's right! She had forgotten Gary's computer on the castle! Realizing this, she felt like she would pass out any moment. What would they do without the computer? Would they be destined to be in this world forever?
Yes, I've given some pretty exagerated examples, but even stuff like this isn't unheard of on the writing world, and is totally ok to do :3
There are a lot of "types" of 3rd person narrator. It can be omniscent, and can be not, it can show a lot of povs in the history, it can show the pov of only one character.....
Harry Potter is a famous example of a book where the 3rd person only really shows what Harry sees, what he thinks, and what he feels. His feelings and thought are always transmitted throught the narrator to the readers.

Well, just saying this stuff because you said you liked to write 3rd rather than 1st. :3
And I'm a lover of 3rd person. In 3rd person, you can show the readers what all the characters on the story are thinking and feeling, not just the main character~
(sorry if I ended up writing too much)
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