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A Mew!!! ^_^

1.) Why would you like to have that Pokmon? (Other than being a favorite) It's cute and strong

2.) Would you let your Pokmon get involved in trainer battles? If they want to battle an 00ber >:D

3.) Would you train him/her to be your guardian? Or just let him/her be a loyal companion? Train train!!!

4.) What if your Pokmon misbehaves? Would you discipline him/her? How? :(.........I dunno

5.) Would you give a special treat to your Pokmon if he/she behaves? Yep

6.) Would you enter your Pokmon in a contest? Yep

7.) Do you rather keep him/her in a Pokball or out? Out :*

8.) What if your Pokmon feels sad? How would you cheer him/her up? Play with it o_0

9.) Would you release your Pokmon back into the wild? Nasty question :(.........umm, if it's for the best...

So what if it's a legendary!!! >:O
Icer is back! YAY!

-=You won't see me much here, now @ Gaia=-
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