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-Named charecer Kimbo, named rival Richard
-Stared with Squirtle, named him Leonardo.
-Beggining of game stuff.
-Entered Viridian Forest and went Pikachu hunting.
-Caught Ketchum the Pikachu.
-Went and had the optional battle against Richard . KO'd Pidgey with Ketchum's ThunderShock and KO'd Bulbasaur with Leonardo's Tackle.
-Go through the Forest.
-Battled Brock and KO'd both Geodude and Onix with Leonardo using Water Gun.
-Went to Mt Moon. Caught a Geodude, called it Roxanna.
-Leonardo evolved into Wartortle.
-Caught a Paras, called it Gorrila's. Because I will forever sing the going Gorilla's line from the In Paris song.
-Got through Mt Moon.
-Battled Richard, KO'd Pidgeotto with Roxanna's Rock Throw, then Gorrilla's swept like he was in a chimney!
-Trained on Nugget Bridge.
-Meet the mutated Bill.
-Got the Dig TM.
-Took on Misty's gym. Won using Gorilla's Bullet Seed against Staryu, and Leonardo's Bite against Starmie.
Team in spoiler
Leonardo/WARTORTLE. Level 19/Male/Docile.Water Gun/Tackle/Bite/Withdraw
Ketchum/PIKACHU.Level 19/Male/Bashful.Mega Kick/Quick Attack/Dig/Thunder Wave (I Deleted thundershock by mistake. I almost had a breakdown.)
Roxanna/GEODUDE.Level 19/Female/Adamant.Rock Throw/Mega Punch/Magnitude/Defense Curl.
Gorillla's/Paras.Level 21/Male/Lax.Bullet SeedLeech Life/Secret Power/Stun Spore.
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