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    Got the maingame of Pokémon White complete. I started off by hacking in a Cubchoo, and added Foongus, Frillish and Larvesta as I progressed through the game. It was a pretty easy ride all the way through, because I had a pretty well-rounded team. But I have a feeling the postgame will be a bit more challenging.


    Garibay the Beartic, Lv 53 (♂)
    Item: Soft Sand
    Strenght, Bulldoze, Brine, Icicle Crash

    Mugler the Amoonguss, Lv 53 (♂)
    Item: Big Root
    Giga Drain, Solarbeam, Toxic, Sludge Bomb

    Primadonna the Jellicent, Lv 53 (♀)
    Item: BrightPowder
    Scald, Shadow Ball, Surf, Recover

    Aspiras the Larvesta, Lv 50 (♂)
    Item: Eviolite
    Acrobatics, Flame Charge, Double-Edge, Bug Bite
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