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    Thank you Gideon! Genuinely appreciate you coming back to comment.

    The color & spacing in this is done extremely well.
    The fawn itself is at a realistic size, & is overall rather done well.
    The coloring is done rather well in the area around the fawn, as well as individual strands of hair on it, itself.
    If I was to critique any aspect, it would be a lack of detail on the nose/mouth area, but even without that, it is very nice.
    Thank you! I'm struggling to understand what you guys mean by lack of detail- and I swear I'm not taking offense, just genuinely curious- could I have done anymore to the nose to make it more detailed? I feel like that would be overdoing it. There's a quote somewhere in my memory I can't seem to grasp that goes something along the lines of, "that which isn't necessary is detrimental." I feel like I would destroy my little faun if I were to add more to her.

    The art itself is done rather well.
    The cups dimensions are a tad strange (the extension outwards on the left side in particular), which looks rather whimsical (odd, but nice), but the bird is what interests me.
    I can imagine this bird, as an actual bird, would be rather gorgeous.
    However, the look in its eyes is rather terrifying.
    It has a sort of blank stare, something that I have never seen in pet birds of mine over the years, even when they're at their worst.
    It makes this piece overall rather, unsettling, but in a way that is genuinely interesting.
    I'm a little embarrassed to say the cup wasn't meant to be unbalanced like that :p I wasn't satisfied with the image so I got lazy and left it as it was, although I could tell the cup didn't look right. One of these days I'll work on it, thank you for noting. For now I'm just proud of the idea.

    The bird is out of place. he doesn't belong in a cappuccino, he is distraught and afraid. You know that look animals get when they feel something isn't right, how their eyes dilate and fur/feathers poof a bit. His feelings are directed toward the artist. I'm glad you noticed his expression! I promise he's not angry with you, the viewer, though.

    3 things for this painting in particular.
    It seems rather happy, overall that is.
    A happy little Swablu flying alongside an Altaria (I imagine it is its mother), with "something" (to my great shame, I have no idea if that is a Pokèmon or not) riding along it.
    It seems rather quaint, specifically due to the balloons.
    The balloons also make the entire piece, look like a stand-still from some family outing, very happy in my mind.
    Alongside that, the shading is wonderful alongside Swablu's & Altaria's (cotton?).

    Overall I'd say your strong points in these pieces; are the unique faces & manners of shading you do.
    What you need work on; well I am unsure if each of these pieces is meant to convey an emotional message on their own, or will eventually become part of an entirely filled background. As is, they convey very interesting messages, but if you do plan to do backgrounds in more detail, than I'd say that is something to be seen.
    All pencil :) just letting you know.

    It's a "fakemon," or whatever you want to call it, that's being taken by the balloons. I should have mentioned that when I posted. I don't have a name for her.

    I would truly love to add backgrounds :( I honestly just don't know exactly how to make a background. I'm afraid of it turning into something with too much detail that takes away from the centerpieces. * If anyone has any tips or resources on how to successfully add a background to your images, please do share. *

    Thank you again for the mega-post! I'll be posting more in no time.
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