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    Originally Posted by jsa0603 View Post
    Team Rocket.

    They'll talk about how they've finally rebuilt their organization, and it is finally stronger than ever.

    They're going to talk about Mew and Mewtwo and what they've learned from their past mistakes in Pokemon genetic manipulation. They're going to talk about how they've finally perfected the art of genetic manipulation and can't be stopped!

    The legendary pokemon X and Y will come from genetic manipulation, created in the similar fashion that Mewtwo was?
    This is my absolute dream. I love Team Rocket, and it has been my dream for them to have a monstrous comeback. I freaking adore Giovanni, he's my favourite syndicate leader and it's not even that close. It would be awesome to have that be the situation for X and Y. My aspiring dream would be a second attempt at cloning Mew, but I feel like if they were ever planning on doing that, they would have done it a long time ago.

    Even just a small Team Rocket scenario would be nice for me though.

    Originally Posted by Gary0ak View Post
    I think the leader should be Professor Oak, because I call him Gramps and look at this acronym:


    The new Team should start with a "S". Imagine all this time that Professor Oak was actually the antagonist :O
    But then again it is a stupid idea, what do you think?
    I don't think it's stupid at all, I actually love the idea...
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