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At least it'd be a poison reptile that's not a snake, so I don't see why not. Granted I was thinking more along the lines of a brightly colored gecko or something.

I'm pretty lost on poison/psychic myself. Like, all I can think of is "Dark Alakazam" and even then that'd probably be dark/psychic. Haha, actually, Dark Alakazam is a funny thought considering how minimalist I'm imagining it would look.

Also, Drowzee is a Tapir Pokemon.

Edit: Ok, check it. Think Misdreavus, but less witch like and more like a cursed wondering soul. Like the ghost of Ralts or something. Its mostly benevolent, but lonely in that is can't make contact with things without poisoning it. And yet, it has Psychic.... aaahhh and then it all falls apart because you can only have two types. Dang! I thought I was on to something.

Fine. "Dirty Ralts". >

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