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    Fighting Ultimate Challenge Hoenn Update #7
    ^Made my to Juan
    ^Lost to Juan
    ^Why must Kingdra spam Double Team??
    ^Kingdra, Kingdra, Kingdra..... You don't use Rest when you have lost barely any HP......
    ^Beat Juan

    ^Now onto the E4
    ^Taught my Tentacool (HM Slave) Waterfall
    ^Got to Victory Road
    ^Got beat down by Wally
    ^Grinded to Lv. 50
    ^Started up a new emerald rom bla bla bla bla long story short Nebula evolved
    ^Beat Wally

    ^Continued on through Victory Road
    ^FINALLY I got through Victory Road
    ^Took on the E4
    ^Took out Sydney with ease

    ^Took out Phoebe, not as easy as Sydney
    ^Defeated Glacia, easy.
    ^Lost to Drake
    ^Got to Drake again, easy
    ^Lost again......
    Im to lazy, and kinda have to go NOW -my parents have threatened to throw my laptop out the window. They've done it before.-, so I can't put my team here.

    Screw Drake......

    K J H S U

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    LG G E P White

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