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    Alright well last time I was training Fallen and it evolve into Beautifly.
    Well while training him McKenzy died, leaving me with just Fallen.
    Battle the demons in Petalburg Forrest and lost.

    So I restarted the challenge and re choose Koffing again. Did all the usual stuff, went up to the point where I lost. At this point my team was Zigzagoon,Poocheyena,Koffing, and Taillow.

    Poocheyena died battling the first demon in the forrest. Koffing died in the outskirts of Rustboro, while Zigzagoon died in Rustoboro to the zombified Jynx.

    Only pokemon left now is Taillow. I saved at the pokemon center.

    Taillow (Nighthawk) Lv.12


    Koffing (Gassy) Lv.11
    Zigzagoon (Zorro) Lv.14
    Poochyena (Predator) Lv.10
    FC: 1306 7222 4097

    IGN: Marco