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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Here you go!

I'm using them for mine too.
Thank you, but I prefer to wait all sprites to be released. I believe that some people will make it like your (nice) link.

Originally Posted by ShadowMirror View Post
its an awesome game but why the hell did you make it so hard to catch pokemon

an elekid was in the the red zone and it took over 20 balls to capture it
The caught rate is exactly like official games, so Elekid caught rate is 45, although I don't agree with this number. And you had bad luck. I'm not sure, but Elekid has 5.9% of chance of being caught at full health with normal Poké Ball,

Originally Posted by beautifly1992 View Post
hey i am just wondering what learnset thea game uses and if it possible to know it and evolution levels as i like to know what to do in advanced if possible you could tell me thank you.
The same learnset that BW and same evolution levels/conditions with some very few changes like Gligar can evolve both day and night, Espeon and Umbreon can be reach like XD, Karrablast/Shelmet evolve with item+linkstone, etc...

Originally Posted by ShadowMirror View Post
quick questions where can you get
1. celebi
2. togepi
3. deerling
4. aipom
5. everstone
6. evolve eevee into glaceon
1-You need at least a very high rank to find legendaries.
2-Pokémon Shop with Rank 9 or above.
4-Breed a Ambipom that you can get at Local Trade Station for a Jellicent.
5-Held by wild Roggenrola and in some other places like the Cave.
6-Gain a level in the Cave.

Originally Posted by Purple Emu View Post
awesome game. thank you for making it, and i've had a lot of fun. i have one question. do you need to be rank 17 to unlock mewtwo, lugia, ho-oh, and the other main legendaries? so far, i can get all of the legendaries except the main ones. currently rank 16S.
Yes. Wow, what's your play time/team?

Originally Posted by GDADelfino View Post
Well, I have to say- Great job with the game so far, can't wait to see how it ends up~ Had a lot of fun playing it, and if you need any help fixing the English in the game, I could see if I can make a list for you.

Also: Is there any chance of getting some type of a Battle Frontier in a later version? It would add a ton of game time, as well as giving you something to do after you catch all of the Pokemon.
A list will be very nice!

The current version has some Battle Frontier features and I have plans for making some more things, but a entire Battle Frontier I thinks that won't worth it. Very few players reach at this place, and less that half of players that reach at Frontier will play it more that one or two times. The Essentials Battle Frontier has several bugs and is incomplete and adapt this thing to Island take a good time. But I really like to reward players that have a good progress, so I put some features unlocked later in Island and have plans for more of these features.
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