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    January 10, 2013

    Shortly after midnight, I went to the new gym to challenge Elesa!

    Nimbasa Gym Challenge 2
    Vs. Elesa

    I walked across the catwalk as the music played and the crowd cheered. I have to admit I love what a lot of the gym leaders have done with their gyms since my last set of visits. Finally, I took my position on the battlefield, which, much like the Virbank Gym, was basically a stage for this gym’s fashion shows.

    “Well, Steve, you seem to have the same sparkle about you,” Elesa said. “I can’t wait to see whose star shines brightest!”

    “I think you’ll be impressed with the new tricks I have up my sleeve,” I responded.

    “Well, last time your Blitzle evolved into a stunning Zebstrika.” Elesa has a good memory. “Let’s see what happens this time! Emolga, the spotlight’s on you!”

    “Emolga, I remember that well.” I pulled out my Great Ball. “I was ready for that. Grimer, maximize!”
    My shiny Pokémon took the field.

    “Talk about sparkle!” Elesa exclaimed. “For a poison-type, your Pokémon is shining so brightly from being raised so well!”

    “Thanks, Elesa!” I then saw the judge give the signal to begin.

    “This three-on-three official gym battle will be over when all three of either side’s Pokémon are unable to battle. Only the challenger may substitute Pokémon. Begin!”

    “Grimer, use Rock Tomb!” I called my attack first, but Emolga was faster.

    “Emolga, dazzle them with Volt Switch!” Emolga hit Grimer with the electric attack, and then disappeared only to have Flaaffy take its place. Flaaffy got hit with the Rock Tomb, and lost a little speed from being trapped in the rocks.

    “Oh yeah, Volt Switch. I forgot about that,” I said. “And I see you have a Flaaffy now. Ok. Then let’s try something else. Grimer, use Sludge Bomb!”

    Flaaffy tried to dodge, but got hit with the poison attack.

    “We’ll just have to slow you down too,” Elesa said. “Flaaffy, use Thunder Wave!”

    “Grimer, dodge it!” But it was too late. Grimer was paralyzed from the Thunder Wave attack.

    “Now, Volt Switch!” While Grimer was recovering, it got hit by another attack, and now it was Emolga on the field again in Flaaffy’s place.

    “Man, your Flaaffy knows that move too?” This is going to get hard to predict. “Grimer, Sludge Bomb again!”

    “Nice try, but we’re just going to keep your head spinning with another Volt Switch!” Our opponents switched places yet again! Good thing I focused so much on Grimer’s special defense and endurance, because so far it’s taken quite a few attacks and, though weakened, still has some strength left. Meanwhile, Elesa used the opportunity to give a Hyper Potion to her Flaaffy after being hit by another Sludge Bomb.

    “Grimer, Rock Tomb, let’s go!” Hopefully slowing it down will help, but the stat drop is erased once it gets switched out.

    “Using the same old trick won’t help you,” advised the gym leader. “Flaaffy, free yourself with Volt Switch!”

    “That’s just what I was counting on!” I called excitedly. “Grimer, Rock Tomb, quick!”

    Grimer launched the rock-type attack just as Emolga took the field, and it was super-effective, and enough to knock it out!

    “Emolga is unable to battle,” said the judge, “Grimer wins!”

    “Great job, buddy!” I congratulated my Pokémon.

    “Griiiii-mer!” yelled my Pokémon victoriously.

    “Emolga, return, you shined like a true star out there.” Elesa switched it out for the last time. “Now, Flaaffy, the spotlight’s back on you!”

    “Grimer, take a rest, you earned it.” Since it was paralyzed and down to very little health, I figured it was done for the day. I tossed out my Dusk Ball. “Umbreon, maximize!”

    Umbreon looked ready to go. “Use Screech!”

    “Flaaffy, dodge and use Thunder Wave!” Elesa’s Pokémon dodged the attack, and paralyzed Umbreon! But…

    “Right where I want you!” I smirked.

    “Flaaffy, what’s wrong?” Flaaffy was paralyzed as well!

    “Courtesy of my Umbreon’s ability, Synchronize!” I explained. “Now, Umbreon, Faint Attack!”

    There was no dodge the attack, as it never misses, and it did massive damage to Flaaffy!

    “Flaaffy, quick, Volt Switch!” Volt Switch hit for a little damage, then it swapped places with Elesa’s final Pokémon.

    “Uh oh. Zebstrika!” I kind of figured that was coming. “Umbreon, return!”

    “Zebstrika, Pursuit, hurry!”

    The dark-type attack hit as Umbreon switched, but didn’t hurt too much. Still, I wasn’t expecting that.

    “Sandslash, maximize!” That should stop her Volt Switch finally. “Use Magnitude!”

    “Zebstrika, dodge and use Quick Attack!” Unfortunately, the Magnitude 4 did very little damage, but fortunately, so did our opponent's Quick Attack.

    “Come on Sandslash, another Magnitude!” Once again, Magnitude 4. How can I be so unlucky? Oh, and to top it off, Zebstrika’s Quick Attack this time was a critical hit. Man. No luck!

    “You can do this, Sandslash!” I tried to cheer it on, as it took a third Quick Attack from Zebstrika. “Use Magnitude… and let’s make this a good one!”

    This time it was Magnitude 8! And enough to knock out Zebstrika!

    “Zebstrika is unable to battle,” the judge called. “Sandslash is the winner!”

    “Zebstrika return,” Elesa called it back. “Your shine is as brilliant as ever, but we lost.”

    “Ready to do this?” I asked. “No more Volt Switch-ing. Time to go head to head!”

    “I’ve got to overcome this situation! Come on, Flaaffy! Let’s not let our fans down!”

    “Umbreon, you’re up again!” Both Pokémon took the field again, and both were still paralyzed. Flaaffy looked in rough shape, so…

    “Quick Attack, Umbreon, do it!” My Umbreon charged right into Flaaffy, and it collapsed!

    “Flaaffy can no longer battle. The gym leader has no more Pokémon. The winner of this gym match is Steve!”

    “Flaaffy, take a rest,” Elesa said softly. “Their brilliance in battle knocked us out. Well…”

    I looked up on the monitor, and saw the cameras focused on me. Elesa came over to address me.

    “You’ve become an even more wonderful trainer than I expected. Your sweet fighting style swept me off my feet! Take this Bolt Badge!”

    The crowd cheered as Elesa presented me my fourth Unova gym badge!

    I took my Pokémon to the Pokémon Center, and then turned in for a few hours of sleep.
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 149 Seen 168
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 83 Seen 89
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 99
    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 66 Seen 75