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    I'd actually prefer less dragon types, just to help ramp up their specialty. (remember back in Gen 1 and 2 when the only dragon types available were Kingdra and the Dratini line? Their rarity is part of what made them so special.)

    I would like to see more Poison and Ghost types. I relize that Poison isn't the greatest, and Ghost is mentioned a lot but I find them it to be among the most unique types in the game and would like to see them explored more.

    The thing is, though, that Ghost type pokemon are dead. They reside mostly in graveyards and shadows. And Poison types often represent pollution, residing in sewers or factories. If they bumped these two types up quite a bit, I'd think that they would have to reflect that in the game locations. I'm picturing a heavily polluted region with a lot of abandoned buildings. I don't know if this reflects on what we've seen so far by the very "green" feel of X/Y.


    I'm really not excited about this...

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