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Originally Posted by masaru3 View Post
Yeah, I have Lileep.
Lileeps are hard to breed because of their bad female rate. If that Gothorita is flawless and has a modest nature I'll accept.
If not, do you have an event pokémon you're willing to trade? I like the shiny crowned beasts, do you have any of them?
Sorry I've been a bit thick about the gothorita. It's male. I didn't realise the Hidden ability only gets passed by female. I'll be more careful in Dreamworld from now on.

also I'm rubbish with events, i always miss them!

I have the following Dream World fems:
Buizel w/ water veil
Snover w/ sound proof
Kabuto w/ weak armour
Cherubi with no hidden ability, but bullet seed move
Cubone w/ battle armour
Omanyte w/ weak armour

I also have the following dream Radar fems:
Sigilyph w/ tinted lens
Swablu w/ cloud nine
Drifloon w/ flare boost
Munna w/ telepathy
Riolu w/ prankster
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